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About Die Towerpot & Our Friendly Staff

At the end of the text below, please click the image below to launch Die Towerpot Team Photo Gallery, as well as our Work In progress Gallery which shows the creation of Die Towerpot from the very first day until present.

After Magda du Plessis has been farming for twenty years, circumstances provided that her daughter, Madelien, moved back to Harrismith, and Magda finally had a reason to start with the endeavour she has been planning for a while already. She would sell her farm, and start a business where her two daughters as well as herself will find happiness in the fact that they would all be doing what they love most, and so Die Towerpot was born.

Magda has always had a love for nature that went beyond that of the normal suburban housewife for her garden, so for herself, Magda made sure to have a huge nursery in the garden of the house she bought. The house itself, she decided not to demolish, as was suggested by one and all, but rather she made it look even more rustic, old and mystical, the perfect spot for fairies and elves to play. In the nursery, if Magda herself is not there to assist you, you will find her able assistants Dan and John.

Inside the house, as well as in the nursery, there is a petshop, which not only sells the usual petshop items, but also sells any horse equipment anyone may need and includes a doggy parlor, which belongs to Madelien Pieterse. Her husband Leon Pieterse can also be spotted around Die Towerpot, whenever he is not serving the town's people as a prominent Police officer. This is in fact a family business, and Leon is certainly a family man. The doggy hair and nail technician is a blonde, bright-eyed animal-lover called Tanya, who has been friends with Magda and Madelien for years. In the petshop, should Madelien or Leon not be available, you can get assistance from the friendly and helpful Preserverance or Miriam.

There is a coffee shop / tea garden, which stretches from inside the old dining room of the house, to the new cosy deck, and then into the nursery. The kitchen is run my Minah Moekoena, who has followed Magda from the farm when Magda finally did sell the farm. Helping Minah in the kitchen, there are two worker bees called Patience and Gladys.

As if this is not already enough, clients can also find anything bright and beautiful they can think of, in the magical arts, crafts and gifts store inside the house. Magda originally added this to Die Towerpot for her second oldest daughter, Nandi. Nandi however lives in Johannesburg and although she has not joined the family business yet, clients might catch a glimpse of her, over weeknds and holidays like a whirlwind through Die Towerpot, helping out where ever she is told to.

Samantha is the friendly red headed girl at the reception desk, and although, on some days, she might seem a little short, in length and patience, she is a real small town sweetheart.

Behind the house, Magda built an enormous lapa, which clients can book for events or social functions. Die Towerpot can also do the catering for such events, in which case everyone lends a hand, even Jiminah and Maria leaves their posts at Magda and Madelien's houses and come assist in turning the lapa into whichever Wonderland you want it.

Last, but certainly not least, there is Ouma Dot. Magda's mom, which like Magda has limitless talents. She started the Harrismith Bonsai Kai and is always willing to assist with any Bonsai, gardening, and art -related issues. Then, of course, there are those who without Die Towerpot would not be what it is. They are the ones building chairs and tables and stepping stones and whatever else you can think of, the talented Samuel, Petrus and Simon.

Now that you have met everyone at Die Towerpot, please do come visit us in person!