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Welcome to Die Towerpot Pet Shop

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For the happiest, healthiest & most perculiar indigenous & exotic pets - look no further than Die Towerpot Pet Shop.

Our enthusiastic & passionate staff will accomodate you in choosing your favorite pet, whether that is a spider of some sort, a hamster or a bearded dragon.

Dont have what you're looking for - Speak to Madelien and she will try and procure one for you ... or two or however many you desire!

We are also specialists in the Pet Industry , both indigenous as well as exotic. Each individual pet comes with a brief glossary about the animal including but not limited to dietary instructions, habitual attributes, lifespan, "do's & dont's" and much more!

Breeders of Persian Cats, Arabian Horses, Veil Chameleons, Albino Hedgehogs, Chinchilla Babies, Angora Rabbits and Miniature Angora Rabbits as well as Cayuga Ducks & Kwakkers.

View our gallery below of all our furry, winged & finned friends and decide which one best suits you!